PedalMAX® has been designed to improve the throttle response and driving characteristics on most vehicles.

PedalMAX is easy to install. It plugs in-line between the vehicle's pedal position sensor and vehicle harness.

It provides a huge improvement in throttle performance and responsiveness.

    • Utilizes OEM-grade Connectors
    • 100% water-proof enclosure and connectors
    • "ON the FLY" - Adjustable control knob
    • Improve Throttle Response
    • Increase Acceleration
    • Eliminate Turbo-Lag

All vehicles built today are equipped with a "drive-by-wire" electronic throttle.

One of the biggest consumer complaints has been poor throttle response and lag, especially in performance or racing applications. 

PedalMAX® is designed to improve the responsiveness on almost any common car, truck or SUV. 

Extended PedalMAX® benefits include, seamless and warranty-friendly installation, advanced user throttle control via the included control knob, and the device requires no aftermarket OBD-II tuning or programming. This innovative new product can also be stacked or used in conjunction with common aftermarket OBD-II programmers and monitors.

PedalMAX® has been issue an ARB EO - D-816-2 for the 2011-2019 6.7L Diesel and 2015-2018 3.2L Diesel.