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JMS... We make fast things... Faster!

For more than 28 years, JMS has been developing and manufacturing electronics for OE, Tier 1 and aftermarket customers.

JMS Performance Group consists of three brands.

  - JMS Plug and play performance parts for trucks and cars

  - Daytona Twin-Tec - Performance ignitions for Harley-Davidson motorcycles

  - Daytona Sensors - Engineering grade wideband O2 sensor products

• Each brand operates in a unique space in the performance aftermarket.  

• Industry leaders in emissions legal performance products.

• Each brand supplies electronics to: OEM and Tier 1 customers.

• Our products feature innovative high-quality engineering and workmanship.

• The JMS leadership team is comprised of industry pioneers with decades of experience in: manufacturing, electronics design, conformance testing and automotive calibrations software.

Brief history of JMS.

  • 1993 – JMS formed (originally as Johnson Motorsports).
    • JMS was THE first company to offer “custom” aftermarket EFI computer calibrations.
    • Initially, the physical memory chip was replaced in the OEM ECU.
  • 2002 – JMS partnered with another industry leader to form the partnership: Zoom Chip.
  • 2003 – Zoom Chip and Superchips Inc (USA) form a new partnership -> SCT
    • After the new Superchips Custom Tuning (SCT) partnership was created, JMS focuses on product distribution.
  • 2006 – Superchips Inc (USA) was acquired by MSD and Superchips Custom Tuning officially changes their name to SCT.
  • 2007 – JMS starts OE/Aftermarket electronics design and manufacturing division.
  • 2011 – JMS releases five new electronic performance product designs (PedalMAX, FleetMAX, BoostMAX, FuelMAX & SparkMAX).
    • Multiple new OE and Aftermarket electronics product design releasees continue every subsequent year.
  • 2013 – JMS partners with RoushYates to manufacture several co-branded electronic performance products.
  • 2014 – JMS designs and manufacture a electronic module with a Level 4 PPAP for ROUSH.
    • JMS stops re-selling other companies products and stops custom tuning vehicles.
    • JMS focuses on selling ONLY JMS branded and manufactured products
  • 2015 – JMS supplies Ford Motor Company with unique connectivity solutions.
  • 2017 – JMS designs and manufactures an electronic control module with Level 4 PPAP for ROUSH.
    • JMS manufactures and delivers automotive fixture and stamping tooling for three OE automotive manufactures.
  • 2018 – JMS acquires Daytona Twin Tec and Daytona Sensors, companies with seven Executive Orders (D-641)
    • JMS receives their first Executive Order for a performance product from CARB (D-816).
    • JMS executes and completes their first DOD contract.
  • 2019 – JMS designs and manufactures an electronic control module with Level 3 PPAP for TI Fluid Systems.
    • JMS receives additional Executive Orders for performance products from CARB (D-816-1, D-816-2, D-816-3).
  • 2020 – JMS designs and manufactures an electronic control module with Level 4 PPAP for Roush Clean Tech.
  • 2021 – JMS designs and manufactures an electronic control module with Level 3 PPAP for TI Fluid Systems.
    • JMS partners with Derive Systems on an electronic control module.
    • JMS receives their ninth and tenth Executive Orders for performance products from CARB (D-816-8, D-816-9)


Chris JohnsonChris Johnson


For over 28 years, Chris has focused on creating innovative electronic products and brands in the OE light truck, automotive and aftermarket space.

Between 1989 and 2003, Chris held engineering positions with: AT&T, Bell Laboratories, US Government, Lucent Technologies and Avaya.

In 2003, Chris left Avaya to form Superchips Custom Tuning. This was a joint venture that created software to calibrate the ECU's of light duty vehicles. At the end of 2007, Chris partnered with a Private Equity group to form SCT. In 2013, Chris and SCT exchanged Private Equity partners and changed their name to Derive Systems. Derive has 185 employees across three locations in the United States.

JMS was formed while Chris was working at Bell Laboratories in 1993. Since 1993, JMS has engineered and manufactured more than 100 different electronic product designs. Three brands are under the JMS umbrella (JMS, Daytona Twin Tec and Daytona Sensors). The primary focus of JMS is the design, engineering and manufacturing of: emissions legal electronics. JMS electronics are utilized by: OE Vehicle Manufactures, OE Motorcycle Manufactures, Tier 1 Vehicle Suppliers and the Automotive & Motorcycle Aftermarket.  Past and current customers include: Ford, Roush Performance, RoushYates, Roush Clean Tech, TI Automotive, TI Fluid Systems and Derive Systems.

Chuck McArthur

Chuck McArthur


Chuck McArthur has over 40 years of experience managing high growth firms.

Prior to JMS he was the CEO for several energy companies: Circular Energy, Andeler Corporation and United Fuel & Energy (publicly traded).

Mr. McArthur also has experience in large organizations; he was the President and COO of ViewSonic Corporation, a large global provider of computer display products.

Chuck has held senior management positions in successful companies throughout his career. These firms include: Atari, Solectron, Memorex, Capetronic and Mag Innovision.