JMS® Digital Trans-Brake Kits offer a high-tech, yet simple solution for the 6R80 transmission in your Mustang or F150 truck. The innovative microprocessor-controlled device offers the fastest release of any on the market via its precision electronics, and is compatible with aftermarket torque converters and transmission tuning.

The splice-in design allows you to build and install a custom kit by adding your preferred momentary switch, and choosing either a 12-volt or ground activation method. This makes for a cost-effective solution, allowing you to choose the hardware, while only needing to tap into two wires on the main harness.

The Plug & Play design, adds a complete plug-in harness with OEM-style connectors, and a momentary ground-activated switch. This system provides a complete solution with quick installation via the pre-engineered wiring harness and push-button activation switch.

JMS Digital Trans-Brake Kits feature a water-proof enclosure with no moving parts or relays that can fail. The systems are compatible with nitrous, 2-step devices, and other aftermarket upgrades including torque converters.