ThrottleMAX is the newest JMS product line and specifically designed to offer a wide range of tuning options for analog and digital throttle bodies on domestic cars and trucks. This new range of products will transform the tuning world and provide many industry-first innovations.

ThrottleSwap, the first in the ThrottleMAX product range, in collaboration with our industry OEM partners. This first of it's kind throttle controller is designed to offer tuners and manufacturers the ability to change from newer digital throttle bodies, to larger analog throttle bodies.  The first two products in this line are engineered for 2018 Ford Mustangs and F-150 trucks, which come from the factory with a small digital throttle body and limit airflow in supercharged or turbocharged applications.

ThrottleMAX devices feature exclusive JMS Digital technology and meet exacting OEM standards for engineering, design, function and reliability.