SCT X4 7015 Plus JMS 9617B EGT Combo Kit

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The JMS EGT kit (thermocoupler) is the best way to monitor Exhaust Gas Temp if you're using an SCT device to monitor or datalog your vehicle. Designed to be plug and play with any SCT device that features a Firewire analog input port including the SF3 Livewire and Livewire TS. Works with both Ford and GM devices.

  • Sealed enclosure compact design.
  • Easy to setup and use. Install EGT plug into SCT device and configure through on-device menus.
  • Stainless steel EGT probe with dual-ferrule compression fitting and 1/8th NPT thread.
  • RFI shielded EGT probe and industry standard K-type EGT connector.

Each SCT X4 7015 + JMS EGT kit includes:

  • EGT amplifier
  • Stainless EGT probe with dual-ferrule 1/8th NPT
  • Tie straps
  • SCT X4 7015 Tuner