Nitrous Controller

The Progressive Nitrous Controller that is designed to outperform! The JMS Progressive N20 Controller is the new standard for nitrous controllers! Finally, there is a N20 Controller that allows for maximum adjustability while combining all the popular nitrous add-ons into one device. No external relays, triggers or RPM Switches required - It’s all in one device!

  • Easy to setup and use. No relays, triggers, or RPM switches required, everything is built into one unit.
  • Compatible with all 12V or 16V battery systems & one to sixteen cylinder engines.
  • Adjustable Solenoid Frequency.
  • Wide-Open Throttle Enable Trigger.
  • Dual Independent Ramp Rates.


  • Easy to setup and use! No need for a laptop or complicated user display.
  • All adjustments can be made with the included flat-head screwdriver.
  • Complete Progressive Nitrous System Control in a single.
  • Eliminate external relays, triggers and RPM switches.