Liquid-Filled Gauges


JMS 1.5" Liquid-Filled Gauges are designed to provide precision readings, and are filled with a glycol-based solution to provide the ultimate in reliability and vibration dampening for the most demanding conditions. High-quality gauges are critical elements when tuning your nitrous or fuel system and JMS offers the perfect gauge for all; automotive, marine, power-sports, and racing applications.


JMS 1.5" Liquid-Filled Nitrous Pressure Gauges are an important element in maximizing and tuning your nitrous system and measure from 0-1500 psi allowing you to monitor optimal nitrous pressure, and they can be fitted onto the nitrous bottle or in-line before the nitrous solenoid. This gauge also features a red warning area to alert you of high pressure so you can make sure your system is always in the safe pressure zone.

JMS 1.5" Liquid-Filled Fuel Pressure Gauges are a critical tool when tuning both your fuel and nitrous systems. The carbureted gauge model measures from 0-15psi and the EFI model measures from 0-100 psi allowing you to monitor the additional fuel required for nitrous oxide or other power adders, and the 0-100 psi gauge can also be used to monitor oil pressure.