EGT Sensor Kit

The JMS Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Kit works with all SCT brand tuners and utilizes the standard FireWire connector found on their devices. It sends a 0-5 volt EGT signal directly to the SCT device and displays exhaust gas temperature readings on the monitor screen.

JMSExhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Kits feature a high-quality EGT probe with dual-ferrule compression fitting and common 1/8" NPT thread. The probe's cable is RFI shielded with industry-standard type-K connector, and capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 1,650 degrees.

Also included is a signal conditioning device that converts the sensor's output signal from millivolts to a common 0-5 volt output. The Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Kit (9617-B) utilizes an attached cable assembly that will plug directly into any current SCT tuner and monitor. The EGT Kit can be easily spliced into any common accessory cable. Consumers can also purchase a separate complete EGT installation kit that includes the correct drill bit, NPT tap, and grease.