JMS Custom Email Coyote Swap Tune

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5.0 Swap Tune

Tired of the poor drivability and stalling issues associated with the new 5.0 Coyote Engine swap when using Ford Racing's controls pack in a non 2011 Mustang ?

Well we have the cure ! Here at JMS we have spent countless hours on the dyno and actual road testing to correct these issues that everyone has when doing the swap. We set out to fix this problem so enthusiasts could enjoy their project as planned and not be irritated by poor drivability issues. You send us the requested information so that we can build the custom tune around your modifications. This means that you will be gaining extra power from your car while fixing drivability issues at the same time ! Typical horsepower gains are 28 RWHP and 30 FT Lbs of torque when running 93 octane fuel.

How to acquire this custom tune:

Purchase the item through our cart and then send a email to In the email please fill out the following information so that we can accurately build your tune file.

  1. SCT Serial Number ( located on the back of your flash device )
  2. Current intake measurements ( tube diameter at MAF sensor and distance from throttle body to maf )
  3. Octane of the fuel you run or plan to run
  4. Exhaust manifold or header configuration ( if custom headers are used we need to know the distance from the last port of the cylinder head to the sensor.

Note: SCT handheld not included.

Click here for the program used to load a custom email tune (.CEF file)