Custom ECU Tuning

ECU Tuning

JMS Custom Dyno Tuning

JMS Chip & Performance is an industry leader in custom vehicle calibration and tuning. We can tune all types of vehicles. Whether you need your 1,500HP EFI race vehicle tuned, or the jets adjusted on your motorcycle or dirt bike, JMS Chip & Performance is your one stop custom tuning shop.

Don't waste your time or risk damaging your vehicle, get your vehicle tuned right the first time.

DON'T trust your vehicle to an inexperienced tuner that simply resells products out of their house!

DON'T trust your expensive vehicle to a "free lifetime tuner".
Ask yourself, how can someone offer anything that is any good or of any real value for free?

JMS Chip & Performance has been custom tuning vehicles and providing mail order chips & flash devices since 1993!!

JMS Chip & Performance has built a solid reputation in the industry for the highest quality mail order chips and flash devices around!

You can trust JMS' great reputation and 50+ years of combined EFI tuning experience.

Automotive Tuning Rates

Custom Automotive Factory EFI Dyno Tuning

  • Ford 1986 - 2018 (most vehicles)

Hourly Rate: $500.00 per hour (includes dyno time, call for appointment, does not include device
Wideband Oxygen Sensor Fee: $10.00

Stand Alone EFI Dyno Tuning

  • FAST
  • Accel/DFI
  • Big Stuff
  • and many other systems...

Flat Fee: $2500.00 (includes, Dyno Time, new wideband sensor (for the dyno), TDC verification and rotor phasing, call for appointment)

Mail Order Tunes - The BEST tuning available for your SCT device:

  • Single e-mail tune - $200.00
  • 3-pack of e-mail tunes - $250.00
  • Reburn of a device not bought through JMS - $200.00 single and $250.00 3-pack

Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Rates

Custom Motorcycle Factory ECM Tuning/Power Commander

  • Hourly Rate: $500.00 per hour (includes dyno time, call for appointment)
  • All factory ecm tuning systems
  • Interceptor type tuning systems (dynojet)

Dyno Tune Carb Motorcycle - $500 per hour - 15 min intervals after 1st hour - Customer supplies jets
Dyno Tune EFI Motorcycle - $500 per hour - 15 min intervals after 1st hour - Power Commander
Wideband Oxygen Sensor Fee: $10.00