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2015 Mustang GT Nitrous Oxide Kits

JMS is a pioneer in nitrous oxide injection technology and offers specialized kits for 2011-2015 Mustang GT and other Ford vehicles.  Each of our pre-engineered systems utilize a dry-spray technology that is custom designed for each type of use, and features a simple plug & play installation, although we also offer wet-nitrous kits for more flexibility.


Our dry nitrous kits are a complete solution for easy, safe, and reliable horsepower on any Ford Mustang.  Each kit is well-thought out and includes everything you need to add horsepower quickly and discretely.  JMS also includes our own in-house manufactured progressive nitrous controller that offers you complete control, and features a built-in window switch that activates the nitrous oxide only when you need or want it.


JMS Plug & Play Dry Nitrous Kits for 2005-2015 Mustangs and Mustang GT's are the first and only complete turn-key systems that include all the required components, and custom tuning options designed for applications ranging from street and strip, to standing mile competitions.