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2015 Mustang GT Mid Pipes

The 2015 Mustang GT exhaust is nice from the factory, but still traps a lot of horsepower.  Vehicle owners can see significant results with simple upgrades, or larger results with a complete system replacement.  JMS has tested and used a wide variety of assemblies and combination of parts.  As a result, we have documented a host of mixed and matched components, and logged a considerable amount of dyno hours.


Axle-back and cat-back exhaust systems are probably the most common and first upgrades a 2015 Mustang GT owner will perform.  These packages provide and aggressive sound and produce a worthy increase in horsepower, while also adding a nice personalized touch.  When considering these products, we highly recommend you use stainless steel tubing and mufflers for long life and reliability.  Depending upon the brand you choose, computer ECU custom tuning may be a strong consideration to maximize the benefits of the upgrade.


Mid-pipes are another common upgrade to the 2015 Mustang GT and these types of assemblies may also be referred to as; cat-pipes, x-pipes, h-pipes, cat-delete pipes, or high-flow catalysts.  It's essentially the exhaust assembly that runs from the exhaust headers to the cat back exhaust system.  When considering these products, we also highly recommend you use stainless steel tubing for long life and reliability.  Also consider catalysts vs. no cats, and note your local emissions testing requirements to stay in compliance.  Some packages may use high-flow catalysts, but it's important to know whether they have a EO number as issued by CARB and are 50-state legal.  Also note that factory and aftermarket catalysts are likely just as free-flowing as a tube with no cats at all.  In most cases, when you replace the mid-pipe, you are required to recalibrate the computer ECU to compensate for any changes to the oxygen sensor locations and increased air flow.


Exhaust headers, while not as common of an upgrade, can be an essential part of the horsepower equation when doing a complete transformation to the 2015 Mustang GT.  The long-tube header design has become the most acceptable as a result of packaging with the stock architecture and installation.  Exhaust headers, when mated to the correct combination of mid-pipe and cat-back exhaust, can offer substantial performance and power increases on even an unmodified engine.  If you're looking for more power, but want to stay away from supercharger upgrades, a complete exhaust system upgrade is likely the best path for you.  Also note that computer ECU custom tuning is essential when installing new headers to correct common issues related to oxygen sensor positions and improved air flow.

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